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Where Is R’Kayla Briggs? What Happened To 11 Year Old R’Kayla Briggs Details Explained!

The night of Tuesday in Georgia An 11-year-old girl named R’Kayla Briggs went missing from her home without family knowledge taking her backpack with her and walking out the backdoor. Let’s look at what transpired with the 11-year-old R’Kayla B. As per the Clayton County Police Department, R’Kayla Briggs was reported missing since she left her home on Tuesday, and remains not reported in the afternoon of Thursday. According to police, they believe she left the back of their Mallard Drive residence at about 3:40 p.m. with a loaded bag. The name and the age that the woman might be living with is unknown According to the authorities. The couple does not seem to be traveling to Texas as was previously determined from the information.

Where Is R’Kayla Briggs? What Happened To 11 Year Old R’Kayla Briggs Details Explained!

Where Is R’Kayla Briggs

The girl, 11 years old, who went missing with an adult male, According to Clayton County Police Department, is likely to be still located in Georgia. The police department had posted the following on Facebook Thursday afternoon The parents of R’Kayla Briggs informed Tom Jones of Channel 2 on Wednesday, that they believe the daughter is dating the 22-year-old male. The police department announced in a Facebook post-Thursday that despite their initial assertion that they believed that the two were going to Texas.

R’Kayla escaped the home on Monday, as per her parents, who worry about her security. Briggs, R’Kayla, has deactivated the accounts on her social networks and she hasn’t returned calls. The story of R’Kayla Brigg’s disappearance could serve as an opportunity to remind us of how susceptible youngsters are to the habit of grooming. One way predators can groom children is by creating an opportunity for them to be sexually active in their youth as per the Darkness to Light website, D2L is a non-profit organization committed to stopping child sexual abuse.

Techniques employed by criminals include giving gift cards, making flattery promises, money, and supplying other essentials. In addition, the use of more affection and love towards the child-targeted could be considered to be a tactic. The grooming of a child can appear as a connection between the adult who is guilty and the child who is being groomed along with (perhaps) children’s caretakers.



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