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Who Are @Jo14gameplay and @gore_890? Video Viral Of Mother And Kid Watch Online

Who Are @Jo14gameplay and @gore_890? Video Viral Of Mother And Kid Watch Online Here are thousands of scandals circulating on social media in which, some of the scandals are capturing the attention of the people around the world while a few are still unclear yet. Well, people always like to find something interesting to know about, and currently, a Twitter username is grabbing the more attention of Internet users. According to the sources, the Twitter username @Jo14gameplay is stopping many Twitter users to scroll because there are some disturbing videos on the account and people are forced to stop on the account.

Who Is @Jo14gameplay and @gore_890? Video Viral Of Mother And Kid Watch Online

Along with the username @Jo14gameplay, another username is also grabbing the attention of the audience with the same video. Yes, the same video is also taking the attention of the people and the name of the account is @gore_890. In the disturbing video, it can be seen that a mother is carrying her kid on the road who is dead. Yes, you heard right, the woman is carrying her dead child in her hand and crying. If you want to know more about the video so, you can also visit the page to watch the entire video which is still available to watch.

Who Are @Jo14gameplay and @gore_890?

Well, there is no updates regarding to the accounts in which, the disturbing video of a mother and her dead child is available. While writing this, the video has been watched by more than 967K views after it was posted on the account. Well, the video was posted on March 18 and since then, it has got more than 17K likes and 2K comments. We like to tell our readers that there is no any kind of video graphic used in the video. How Did Mike Bosch Die

It can be seen that the mother is carrying her dead child who head has been broken or damaged due to an accident. It is totally an inappropriate video and we like to tell our readers that they should watch this video on their own risk. The video was posted on a Twitter account named @Jo14gameplay.

After watching the entire video, it got to know that the kid died after he fell under the truck and the truck’s tire across his death broke. Some of the users were believing it was a fake video but it is also horrific to watch. There is one more video in which a dead body is lying on a bed and appeared to be a pool of blood. A user of @Jo14gameplay joined Twitter in August 2019.



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