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Who Are Kayleigh Driver And Michael Davis? Arrested For Killing Son Ollie Davis Explained!

A horrific crime has been identified that will is a sham to humanity. Children are the most precious treasures of their parents and cannot think of harming them. However, one particular case changed the meaning of that and has people enraged and also saddened to the person who was hurt. Two names are popular on social media, but not because of good reasons but because of bad reasons. The names that are popular include Michael Davis and Kayleigh Driver. According to the reports, parents were held in detention for murdering their 4-week-old son. Kayleigh Michael and Kayleigh Michael were the grandparents of Ollie Davis, who they killed with their own fingers.

Who Are Kayleigh Driver And Michael Davis? Arrested For Killing Son Ollie Davis Explained!

Who Are Kayleigh Driver And Michael Davis

The news has now caused a stir on social media, and people are still shocked and unable to believe the news. According to accounts, on October 21st, 2017 Ollie Davis was discovered unconscious in his cot in Upper Temple Walk located in Leicester. At the time Ollie was just four years old and young and anyone who heard the story was shocked. They then looked for more details regarding the incident. The police later filed the case as murder and began the investigation. His murder, his permitting or causing the death of the kid, two counts of inflicting grievous bodily injury and allowing the child to be seriously injured.

The charges were brought against the parents of Michael, a 29-year-old Kayleigh along with 27-year-old Michael. When the police were informed about the case they investigated the incident and found out the parents of Michael were the ones responsible for his murder, and immediately detained the parents. According to Leicestershire Police, a complicated investigation has been in progress from the beginning. The alleged crimes were reported to have occurred between the 9th of October 2017 between the 21st of October and the 9th October 2017. You are probably wondering the reason this case is back being discussed The reason is that today marks the 1st day of a court trial for the couple for allegedly killing their 4-week-old baby.

After 4 years of murder, the investigation was reopened in the year 2021, and aimed at those who were the victims’ parents. They are both in jail and are under conditional bail, as the trial continues to take place in the courtroom. Davis and Driver were last seen before the court in May 2022. The motive behind the murder isn’t known as of yet. Police are currently looking into the incident and have submitted all evidence to the judge and the public is looking forward to justice. It’s so harrowing to hear about the murder of a child who was only a month old.



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