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Who Is Actress Bouchra Ahrich? All About Bouchra Ahrich’s Age, Biography, Networth & Other Details Explored!

Who Is Actress Bouchra Ahrich? All About Bouchra Ahrich’s Age, Biography, Networth & Other Details Explored! Bouchra Ehrich, a Nigerian actress, has gained a lot of fame for her acting skills and worked in many films. She is a veteran of the film industry and has shared many photos of herself online. Salamat’s daughter and her role as Salamat made her famous. This helped her to gain a lot of fame. Although she was an actress in the film industry before Salamat, Ahrich rose to prominence after Salamat’s films. Ehrich, in addition to being an actress and comedian, has worked on many projects for various roles. Let us discuss more in detail about actress Ahrich. For the most recent updates, please visit Our website

Who is Actress Bouchra Ahrich?

Who is Actress Bouchra Ahrich?

Ahrich was born in Sale, Morocco on the 7 th July 1972. Ahrich is originally from Morocco. She has lived in the city for many years and continues to pursue her career. She was raised in a typical family and has always had a passion for movies and films. She pursued a career in this field as a teenager and made it her profession. She was a well-known actress from Nigeria, and also a comedian. Ahirch received her childhood education in her hometown. She then graduated from Institue os Superieur D’art Dramatique Culturelle in Rabat, where she studied stage and acting for four years.

Actress Bouchra Ahrich: Biography & Age

Ahrich was also a part of a variety of short films and movies. Tarfay, which was published in 2004, Ex-Chemakar, which was released in 2008, Labri Ou Le Destin d’Or Grand Footballeur, which was released in 2011 and La Isla de Pereji, which was issued in 2015. Corsa was released this year. Ahrich was also featured in a 2003 short film called Corsa. Her Wikipedia page is also available. She also has an IMDB page. While many of her contributions have been well-received, there are no awards or honors for being mentioned on any of these pages.

Actress Bouchra Ahrich: Networth And Married Life

Ahrich is active on social media. There is a Facebook Page for her to be active, but no posts have been made there for many years. Ahrich seems to keep her private life away from the media and all attention. She hasn’t revealed anything about her private life or about her husband. As of right now, she is 50 years old. Many people believe that she is married. However, no details about her husband have been revealed. Her husband and family members are not also on the internet. She is most well-known for her association with Artist Adellah Ferkous, as well as many other actors from the Nigerian movie industry.



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