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Who Is Allen Tayeh Killed Wife Divorce Lawyer Video Viral, Arrested Reason And Charges!

In this article, we will provide the most popular stories and names that is trending on the internet in a quick way and attracting the attention of the public. Yes, we’re discussing Allen Tayeh, a Georgia native accused of shooting dead the divorce attorney of his estranged wife in his office , and then burning it before disappearing from the scene. This story is gaining traction across the internet. What’s the story? What’s the story? We’ll provide everything you need to know about the news that you will discover in the information on the news.

Who Is Allen Tayeh Killed Wife Divorce Lawyer Video Viral, Arrested Reason And Charges!

Who Is Allen Tayeh Killed Wife

Based on reports, Allen Tayeh went to the lawyer for his wife on the 7th of December 2022, in Dough Lewis’s office. There, he killed him and then poured mourning gasoline across the room, before lighting the building in flames. Then Tayeh took over the scene just before firefighters arrived to put out the flames. They also found Lewi’s corpse. There are a few things to inform you about the story and you can find them in the following section of this article. the most accurate and detailed information on the story.

According to reports, the suspect was arrested following an outsider at the law office brought investigators to the disgruntled husband who was found using a revolver to murder the lawyer. A number of official reports mention that Tayeh also had burn marks from the injuries suffered during the fire that occurred at the time that he was detained. Scroll down for more information on the story.

He was arrested for the charges of arson and malicious murder just a few hours after killing his divorce lawyer and was revealed to appear in the court next week together with his wife. We’ll be telling you a variety of information about the latest news in this report.

Lawrenceville Police Lieutenant. Jake Parker explained the murder to be “pretty Brazen” out of the blue” and added that he was brought to custody after a person in the area identified the suspect. The suspect was reported to be still in the vicinity when the police were able to arrest him for suspicion of murder” The statement was made by Parker made. The news has raised a lot of inquiries in the minds of people. We’ve tried to answer all questions about the report.



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