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Who is Arian Taherzadeh? Judge decides Fake DHS agent with multiple passports is NOT flight risk!

Who is Arian Taherzadeh? Judge decides Fake DHS agent with multiple passports is NOT flight risk! Here we are sharing a piece of big news with you. There are two men who had been arrested for Impersonating the Department of Homeland Security agents who will not be in trial detention, a Washington DC judge ruled. As per the FBI, It has been alleged that Harider Shah- Ali who is 36 years old, and Arian Taherzadeh who is 40 years old have been officers and employees of the U.S Government which has been comprised of members of federal law enforcement agencies since February 2020. Here we have more information related to the news and we will share it with you in this article, Let’s start the article.

Who is Arian Taherzadeh

Shah Ali and Taherzadha had spent over and half-year living at a luxury DC apartment, which they had used to get close to federal agents in their Secret Service agents. Agents on President Joe Biden’s First woman Jill Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris details had all involved, and have afterward been placed on leave. Not only did the duo shower agents with lavish gifts, but they also had the illegal high-capacity magazine and a host of other weapons.

Who is Arian Taherzadeh

It is obscure where both men got the funding to pull off such a scheme, or what their ultimate goal was. Prosecutors claimed Shah Ali was linked to Pakistani intelligence and Taherzadeh told them that Shah Ali had the one funding their scheme, but nevertheless, the Judge had decided that both men will not serve pre-trial detention.

Shah Ali, little is known about the 40 years old Taherzadhe. He is living with his family in Sterling, Virginia on GPS monitoring. A DC judge said he had not a flight risk, and noted he was not convinced the duo submitted a larger national security issue. The judge dubbed the duo’s behavior as “Sophomoric behavior, not the sort of serious hazardous conduct that requires pre-trial detention.

Judge decides Fake DHS agent

Shortly before his arrest, Taherzadeh deleted videos and photos from his social media accounts and appears to have taken many of them down as well. The actions led prosecutors to claim obstruction of justice, but a formal charge has not been filed in that regard. Taherzadeh’s lawyer said that content had been deleted because he was “embarrassed”. The Daily Beast has managed to uncover an old friend of his, with whom he once started an IT consultancy firm in Kansas City. In November 2007, Taherzadeh had been arrested for check fraud, to which he pled guilty in exchange for a suspended 180-day sentence and two years probation. That case led him to flee Missouri for DC “in the mid-to-late 2000s”, even though prosecutors eventually dropped the case.



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