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Who Is Arpita Mukherjee? Bengal Minister Cries In SSC Scam & Puts Up A Fight Video Went Viral On Social Media!

Who Is Arpita Mukherjee? Bengal Minister Cries In SSC Scam & Puts Up A Fight Video Went Viral On Social Media! Corrupt politicians and officials are not new to our country. Pratha Chatterjee, and Arpita Mukharjee was recently added to the ED’s list of people they are currently arresting. Arpita was taken to the hospital after she made a large Ruscus sitting in a police car and continued weeping uncontrollably. The court ordered Arpita to be admitted because she kept asking questions about her health. She refused to get back in the police car after her visit. Even when forced, she continued to complain and resisted. They were both arrested for a scam involving the employment department. Partha Chatterjee, the Bengal minister, was also involved. They were required to visit the hospital at least once every 48 hours, as directed by the judiciary. For the most recent updates, please visit Our website

who is arpita mukherjee?

Who Is Arpita Mukherjee?

She tried to complicate the work of officials as she refused to do everything that was asked. Even though she kept repeating the sentence that she was being held captive by others, she isn’t even guilty. However, Bengal CM Pratha was one the main targets. A large amount of black cash was even taken from her home. He was charged with accepting bribes in order to recruit teachers at a school owned by the State government. At the time, he was the Education minister. Arpita Mukharjee was a well-known actress of her time and had close relationships with Mr. Chatterjee.

Arpita Mukherjee SSC Scam News

Because ED had seized so many large amounts of cash, they are now searching for original documents and ownership rights to all her luxury items to determine their true value of them. The Department also conducted raids at various locations to seize all the black money he received and to find Mr. Chatterjee’s last link. His assets include large quantities of cash and gold bars in large amounts. There are also many flats that he has seized. However, there is suspicion that this is not the end to his wrongdoings.

Arpita Mukherjee Fights Video

ED has created a new plan for their upcoming raids in order to set a new example for destruction when someone tries exploiting the government’s system rules and norms or corrupts the country for his/her selfish reasons. Keep an eye out for these officers and politicians, and be careful not to get spammed. Notify the appropriate departments immediately if you discover anyone giving or taking bribes. This will not only make a difference, but it will also help to create a revolution towards a corruption-free INDIA. Keep checking gossip world for more updates.



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