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Who Is Bob Menery? Why Bob Menery Leaving The Full Send Podcast, Reason, Biography And Age Explored!

Who Is Bob Menery? Why Bob Menery Leaving The Full Send Podcast, Reason, Biography And Age Explored! Bob Menery is an established name in golf. He also has a large following. Bob left his job to start Full Send, a podcast that provides entertainment and great information. Bob has resigned from Full Send. Bob appeared on Ripper Magos, a podcast where he was a guest. He discussed issues with Tim Bader (aka Timmy Bounceback), who he used for the full send. We will explore the reasons Bob left the podcast and what it is all about. For the most recent updates, please visit Our website

Who Is Bob Menery?

Who Is Bob Menery?

Bob was loved by many and had a large following. Bob started a podcast with two YouTubers who had previously run a YouTube channel. The YouTube channel was Nelk Boys. Bob and the two YouTubers he collaborated with created a new podcast called Full Sends. They talked about different topics and offered new suggestions. They also had their own podcast on Apple Podcast and Spotify. The show is doing well and many people are listening to it. However, Bob suddenly vanished from the show.

Why Bob Menery Leaving The ‘Full Send Podcast’?

In the interview with Timmy, Bob said that he was being used. He said that he had become bored with golf and wanted to make a career out of podcasting. The Nelk Guys had a platform, and they got many subscribers. While he gained a lot more followers, which would be a benefit to them if they collaborated in increasing their podcasts’ views. Bob said that he sued the Nelk Guys YouTube channel. The three of them began making podcasts, and eventually, they built it up. Bob, a well-known star and actor, invited many stars and celebrities to Alter’s show. The channel was successful.

Bob Menery: Reason And Accused

Timmy and Bob were speaking when Bob said that he was used to build the channel by the Nelk men. When they didn’t need him anymore, they just shoved him away. Bob claimed that he built the podcast or channel and was also the one who created the Full Send podcast empire. Bob said this out of disgust. He also stated that it was his struggle for identity and the podcast’s growth that made him feel so upset. Now he is being marginalized. Timmy asked Bo about the current situation. He replied that the podcast would continue and that YouTubers could bring anyone they like and do what they wish. Next week will bring the second episode of the podcast. More details will follow.



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