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Who Is Busy Philipps? Is Busy Philipps Arrested Or Not, Why was Busy Philipps Arrested? Charges, Allegations & Details Explained!

Usy Philipps, the star of Freaks and Geeks and Cougar Town, engaged in a civil disobedience act on Thursday. She stood up for her rights during a protest outside the United States Supreme Court. She was wearing a shirt reading “I Will Aid and Abet Abortion,” and she was removed by Capitol Police because she blocked traffic.

Busy Philipps Arrested

Philipps’s Instagram features a short clip in which an officer tags her before she is taken from the street. Another image shows her raising her fist in front of a sign that says “There’s no hate like Christian love.” For More Updates Stay Tuned With

Who Is Busy Philipps?

She added a caption where she said that the “right to make decisions about ourselves and our bodies–a right we have had for nearly 50 years–was taken away by this Supreme Court, a Court who’s personal beliefs are not shared by the vast majority Americans.” I am one of those Americans.

Then, she shouted out the groups she allied herself with (Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Reverend Barber, the Working Family’s Party, and the Poor People’s Campaign), Catholics for Choice, and the National Council of Jewish Women. She said, “I can’t think of a better way to use privilege and voice than to amplify the message that bodily autonomy IS a human right because it is ACTUALLY exactly the same thing as the promise of freedom, life, and the pursuit of happiness. It must be universally applicable. This is the battle of a lifetime, y’all. This is not going to be easy, quick or without setbacks. We must continue to be persistent and take action. *YOU* must. I promise I will.”

Is Busy Philipps Arrested Or Not

She said, “I DON’T KNOW WHO NEEDS THIS, BUT WE MUST SHOW THE FUCKUP NOW.” Philipps isn’t new to the fight for bodily autonomy. Philipps has spoken many times about her 15-year-old abortion. She said that it was not brave of her to “discuss it” because it is a medical matter–a thing that I made and that I don’t regret.

After Alabama had passed restrictive abortion laws in 2019, she created the #YouKnowMe hashtag to encourage women to talk about and demystify their abortions. Soon after , she spoke in front of the House Judiciary Subcommittee. She spoke before the House Judiciary subcommittee.

Why was Busy Philipps Arrested?

Philipps’ shirt, which claims to “aid-and abet abortion”, is becoming more popular. announced Friday that Planned Parenthood Montana, where abortion is legal, will limit the use of medical procedures to end pregnancy for those who are not from Montana. They will still provide abortion services to all but they will not be able to give them to non-Montanans. There is a risk that someone may take the medication back to their home state, such as Texas. This could make them legally culpable. The most popular way to end a pregnancy is via abortion pills.



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