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Who Is Divya Spandana? Wiki Biography Age Instagram Twitter

Who Is Divya Spandana? Wiki Biography Age Instagram Twitter: Divya spandana, also known as Ramya, is a well-known actress and former politician of the Indian National Congress party. Divya is a well-known figure in the Tamil film industry. She has been making headlines lately and creating lots of buzz on social media since she tweeted about the political party she used to be associated with. After being trolled on social media by Congress party leaders, she is making headlines. Divya and Congress party’s Twitter War is attracting massive attention from the netizens via social media.Who Is Divya Spandana? Wiki Biography Age Instagram Twitter

Divya created a series of tweets where she accused the Indian National Congress of causing her to look bad. Divya headed the Indian National Congress’ social media department. There was a lot of news recently about Divya Spandana extorting Rs 8 crore from Congress before she resigned her position. This news caused a lot of controversy on social media recently. Divya published those tweets on 12/05/2022.

Who Is Divya Spandana

She went to her official Twitter account and said that she did not take Rs 8 crore. All the stories that are being circulated in media and social media are false and not true to reality, she stated. She claimed that Congress party leaders spread fake news and information to harm her image. She stated that she now regrets keeping mum about her decision to leave the party. She said that she should not have been a mum after she resigned. She should have spoken out so that the baseless rumors wouldn’t have started.

Wiki Biography Age Instagram Twitter

Divya said that she had left the party for personal reasons. She claimed that the leaders used her as a tool and then backstabbed her. She slammed all her congress party colleagues. She also praised Rahul Gandhi, the Congress head, and said that Rahul Gandhi was her only supporter and encourager. These tweets are creating a huge buzz on social media. Many other senior congress leaders are also sharing their thoughts.

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