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Who Is European MP Abir Al-Sahlani? Why She Cuts Her Hair During Speech Video Goes Viral On Social Media, Reason Explored!

Who Is European MP Abir Al-Sahlani? Why She Cuts Her Hair During Speech Video Goes Viral On Social Media, Reason Explored! Have you heard of someone cutting their hair while speaking? Not really, but recently this happened when a European MP cut her hair while speaking in the EU Assembly. The public is now wanting information about the actions of this European MP and her decision and the reason she cut her hair. The MP’s name is Abir Al-Sahlani. It’s an unusual event for women cut their hair. In fact, many women from Islamic regions cut off their hair in the protests. Let’s now find out the motive behind the actions of the MP. According to the latest information, Abir al-Sahlani, a Swedish Member of the European parliament. She cut her hair during the time of her speech-making during in the EU assembly. She chopped her hair to show support for the protests by opposition to the government in Iran which began following Mahsa Amini’s death. Mahsa Amini. Visit our web page for the most up-to-date information.

Who Is European MP Abir Al-Sahlani?

Who Is European MP Abir Al-Sahlani?

This young lady of 22 died at the hands of the morality police. Her crime was to not wear Hijab. Women flocked to the street or protested against it, and cut their hair while denying wearing Hijab and this MP has done the same thing and became the voice for all the women protesting against this crime. The MP, Al-Sahanistated the following “Until Iran is free, our anger will be greater and more powerful than the autocrats. As long as the women of Iran are free, we will stand alongside you and fight for Justice for Mahsa Amini.” The MP cut her hair and said, “Jin, Jiyan, Azadi. Women Life, Freedom” and then stated that she had cut her own hair.

Who European MP Abir Al-Sahlani Trims Her Hair During Speech?

The woman is a Swedish member in the European Parliament she was born in Iraq and is currently representing the political party known as Center Party. Abir was born in Basra which is situated in Iraq in 1967. Her father Abir was a politician from the main opposition. When she was just 15 years old, she was evicted from Iraq together with her mother. She is now in Sweden all by herself. In the year 2004, she became appointed to be the Secretary-General in the Iraqi National Democratic Alliance (DNA). Then, in 2007, she joined the Center Party of Sweden.

Reason Behind Trims Hair During Speech?

The MP also called Josep Borrell the police chief of EU foreign policy, a “spinless and stupid coward. Josep has a shaky excuse for not support for the Iranians who are taking part in protests across the country of Iran.” This decision has put her in the spotlight and the public is now seeking for information on her. Thousands of searches have been conducted on her. Continue reading to find more information on this politician.



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