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Who is Isaac Argro? Does Azsia Johnson’s ‘Abusive’ Ex-Partner Arrested? Charges & Allegation Explained!

Johnson was shot in the head on Wednesday, June 29th, at around 8:30 p.m. Friday, July 1st, Commissioner Keechant Sewell from the New York Police Department announced that Argro was charged with Johnson’s murder and criminal possession of a firearm.

Who is Isaac Argro?

This information was posted on the Twitter account of Commissioner Swell. “In connection to the tragic shooting death Asia Johns on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, 22-year-old Isaac Argro has been arrested and charged with murder as well as criminal possession with a weapon.” @NYPD “The detectives continue to pursue justice with their relentless determination.” For More Updates Stay Tuned With

Who is Isaac Argro?

The New York Post uncovered more information from sources. It stated that Argro refused to talk with investigators at the station house for Manhattan’s 19th Precinct and instead requested an attorney. Brownsville, Brooklyn proved to be his location. Johnson, despite keeping her distance from Argro’s capture, wanted to meet the father of her child because she felt guilty about not including him in the process. Despite Johnson’s distance from Argro, this was the case. The intention was to meet Wednesday night. This was when Johnson was shot at Lexington Avenue and East 95th Street. The plan didn’t work out as planned.

Lisa Desort, Johnson’s mother, previously shared her thoughts with The publication. She stated that Argro would continue to “Argro could discover the location of our daughter’s house in some way” and during a vigil on Thursday evening with candles Desert requested that the city take domestic violence cases more seriously. Desert also shared that she met with Eric Adams to discuss how she could be a voice for domestic violence victims.

Does Azsia Johnson’s ‘Abusive’ Ex-Partner Arrested

She stated that she would make every effort to address domestic violence. I feel that another young lady who is being abused might benefit from hearing my story, and learning from mine.” This interview took place Friday evening. “Although justice has been done, it won’t bring back my baby” which means it can’t undo the damage that was already done. My newborn is still in the ice box.”

According to Johnson’s relatives and other sources, the 22 year-old Brooklyn man who is accused of stalking and abusing Johnson repeatedly was on the government radar for some time because of the claims that he had committed the acts of violence against Johnson. As her mother had predicted, Argro would eventually track her down.

Issac Agro: Charges & Allegations

It was discovered that she had reported Argro’s domestic violence to authorities on the first of the new year. She claimed that Argro had abused and raped her six months before she became pregnant. The mother, who is just 20 years old, moved her baby and herself into a East Harlem shelter for victims of domestic abuse to protect them from the wrathful father. However, Argro also tracked her down.

India, a 43-year-old market vendor who sells a variety goods near East 104th Street discovered that Johnson had been selling her belongings to purchase a new home and escape Argro. India is located in the vicinity. India stated, “She said that he knows where she is currently living.” She is trying to sell me many things because she is trying to leave.

She was worried. She insisted that her father find out where she lived. I still recall asking her “What happened?” Talk to me. She wanted to bring more items. She tried to bring additional items, but her ex-boyfriend was causing trouble. It was a tragedy… It is sad to think she has died.”



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