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Who Is James Topp? Is James Topp Arrested Or Not, Why Was James Topp Arrested? Charges, Allegations & Other Details Explored!

We have some important news for you right now. Thursday, June 30, 2022: Four police officers were arrested in Ottawa for an incident that took place earlier in the day. This was in response to a Canadian soldier being held in protest against the compulsory use of the Covid 19 vaccination. A soldier led a procession through the city, and he gave a speech about freedom to an audience of around 1,200 supporters. The news quickly spread via social media platforms and a lot of people are interested in finding out more. We have more information about the news we want to share with readers so let’s keep going. Stay up to date with the latest news at

James Topp Arrested

Is James Topp Arrested Or Not?

According to the report James Topp was charged in February with behavior to the bias in good order and correct for remarks he made about Ottawa, while wearing his uniform. Topp has been marching to the capital from Vancouver for four months. Many of the Freedom Convoy participants sponsored his march. The march caused congestion in downtown for several weeks before police were forced to end the illegal occupation they and the government had declared unlawful. This page contains the right information about the news. I encourage you to continue reading the whole article.

Who is James Topp?

On the evening of June 30, 2022, as he approached the National War Memorial, there was a flurry of cheers and chants of the “Freedom” word. He then kneels before the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, while he is still crying, and places his hand on the Tomb. On my trip from Vancouver and Ottawa, I spoke to hundreds of people. Many of them had given up on hope. They feel lost. They are full of anger. They don’t believe in the reliability and validity of the system. He noted that already, “something has been started by our”. You should read the whole article as there are additional details about the story further down.



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