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Who Is Taniyah King? A 15-Year-Old Girl Reported Missing In Winding Grove, Reason & Other Details Explored!

Who Is Taniyah King? A 15-Year-Old Girl Reported Missing In Winding Grove, Reason & Other Details Explored! Police are currently searching for Taniyah King Missing. The family of this teen is concerned for her safety as she has recently gone missing. They have asked the public for help in finding their daughter. They searched for their daughter themselves, but couldn’t find any clues. The news is currently all over social media. Her family believes this digital world will help locate their daughter, as social media platforms have helped many families reunite with missing loved ones. Her family has asked the public and netizens for help to find her. For the most recent updates, please visit Our website

Who is Taniyah King?

Who is Taniyah King?

According to many reports, the missing 15-year-old teen was reported as being in Winding Grove when she was last seen. Family members are asking for help in finding their daughter. We are unsure if this is true or false, but it is not impossible to ignore the sensitive nature of the case. The little girl was last seen in Winding Grove, Lithonia on 13 July 2021. The girl was seen with a heaving braid, wearing a white shirt and black jeans. She also wore a half-pink point and paired it with a pair of half-pink pants. The suspect, a black male named Daniel, is believed to have abducted her.

Why Was Taniyah King Kidnapped?

The license plate number for the vehicle is CDI2646. The police have already registered the missing and kidnapping cases and are asking for help to locate the girl as quickly as possible. Both the police and her family are concerned for her safety and want to find her as soon as possible. They fear that the suspect will not cause any harm to her, and they want to get her home as soon as possible.

Taniyah King: Biography & Age

The family is going through a difficult time. They are concerned for her well-being and don’t want to waste any of their precious time. They have been constantly posting appeals on social media for information and to locate her. Police appeal to the public for assistance in this case. If they have any information about the girl, they can contact TKD directly at the given number (678-937-28502) or (678-937-28553). You can also dial 911 to reach TKD. We are still not able to pinpoint the exact location of her last known location. We also ask the public for assistance. Keep checking back for more information. You can find more information here.



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