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Who Was Christian Caldwell? Fox News Reporter Gianno Caldwell’s Younger Brother Shot Dead In Chicago, Details Explored!

Gianno Caldwell, Fox News’ political analyst, was killed in Chicago Friday amid a wave of crime that has gripped progressive cities across the country. Caldwell wrote Saturday that “Yesterday was my worst day,” via Twitter.

Who Was Christian Caldwell?

“I received a phone call from my south side Chicago neighbor informing me that my teenage brother had been murdered. He wrote, “I never could have imagined that my baby brother would be taken from him,” along with a photo of his smiling sibling dressed in graduation attire. For More Updates Stay Tuned With

Who Was Christian Caldwell?

According to local reports, Christian Caldwell (18) was killed and two other were hurt in a gunfire that broke out at Morgan Park on Friday morning. CBS reported that approximately 50 shell casings were discovered at the scene. Bullets also went through nearby windows. According to police, the suspect fled in a black van. According to cops, no arrests were made.

Caldwell, 36, said Saturday that he wanted justice. “What I need right now are details from the police to find out who murdered my brother.” He said that my baby brother was never given a chance. “I wouldn’t want to see street justice or violence against those who murdered my little brother.” He said, “But I do want them to be brought to justice.”

Christian Caldwell Shot Dead Viral Video

The stats show that violent crime, including murder, criminal sexual assault and robbery, has increased by 10% this year, compared with 2021. Similar trends have been observed in other blue cities across the country. According to statistics , violent crime has risen by almost 9% in Los Angeles and 12% in Washington DC. It also has risen by disturbingly 25.8% in New York City.

Christian Caldwell: Biography & Age

Caldwell, his brother was fatally shot, shared on Twitter a heart-wrenching text message exchange in which the teenager wished him a happy Father’s Day. The teen wrote, “Happy Father’s Day big bro. You don’t have any children but I’ve always regarded you as the closest thing that to a father figure.” “[Y]ou have taught me so many things, and for this I’m forever thankful and proud of all the things that you did.”

In a June 19 tweet Caldwell stated, “My little brother never met his dad and as terrible as it is, I am thankful that God chose me to be his big-brother/father figure.”



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