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Who was Denis Kurilo? Russian Army Commander Shot Outside Kharkiv Video Viral

Who was Denis Kurilo? Russian Army Commander Shot Outside Kharkiv Video Viral The Ukraine Russian war is going on for the period of more than a month. There are many stories coming out of the war that is telling about valor and sacrifice. Both countries are showing such data that are showing that their side is bearing down the rival country. There is a series of announcements with respect to telling about the soldiers who are martyrs of this war. Earlier, Russians were claiming that were to the fore in this battle as they had captured a number of places in the land of Ukraine. Now, the army of Ukraine is claiming that they have recaptured many of the territorial lands of their country.

Who was Denis Kurilo

As per the date given by the Ukrainian army, they have regained several territorial places in the northwestern town of Trostyanets and liberated it from the control of the Russian Army. Apart from that, many areas outside Kyiv are also alleged back in the hands of Ukraine. The territories in the Chernihiv region were also reportedly liberated from the control of the army of Russia. This news has created a belief for the supporters of Ukraine that they are investing their support in the right country.On top of the territorial regain, the Ukraine army has also claimed the death of another officer-rank Russian soldier in the Russian Ukraine war.

Who was Denis Kurilo?

Colonel Denis Kurilo has died in this war. According to the claim made by the Ukraine army, Colonel Denis Kurilo died on Tuesday, 29th March 2022. He was killed outside Kharkiv. This news has come after the killing of at least six Russian generals. People are wondering to know more and more about the concerned Russian soldier. Although this news has not been confirmed from the side of the Russian Army yet the Ukrainian Army is claiming the passing away of Colonel Denis Kurilo. Intel Core i9-12900KS

Armed Forces of Ukraine has made a claim that one of their battalions has captured the 200th Brigade thereon the Russian Colonel Denis Kurilo was the commanding officer and he was killed in the shelling. He was a military colonel in the Russian Army. He was posted in the 200th Brigade that was surging a special secret operation in Ukraine. He had died on Tuesday, 29th March 2022 according to the Ukraine Army. He has been killed near Kharkiv as per the claim by the Ukraine Army.



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