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Who Was George Magoha? How Did George Magoha Die? What Happened To Former Education CS George Magoha Death Cause

A former Secretary to the Education Cabinet from Nairobi, Geoge Magoha has died. The news was reported that George died suddenly and his death news was reported on the internet. His wife Dr. Barbara was the one to announce the information to the media, and it was revealed that George died in the hospital. When George had been in the process of service his country, he was well-known or well-known for his tough-talking style and his stoic manner during his time in the Ministry of Education.

Who Was George Magoha? How Did George Magoha Die? What Happened To Former Education CS George Magoha Death Cause

Who Was George Magoha?

We will be discussing in depth Groeger as well as his death. The story was that George was admitted in a medical facility where he died. It was further stated that he was admitted to the hospital as a result of an emergency situation and was receiving treatment in the hospital as well. The incident was reported by the spouse of George that George was found unconscious in his home on January 24, 2023, when at home in Nairobi.

George was ill around 3 pm and was taken to the hospital. George died in the year 70. Later, it was reported in the press that former education minister George was suffering from cardiac arrest, and the minister passed away in the hospital. Uhuru Kenyatta’s Cabinet Member said that the former Education Minister, George has now passed to the grave. In addition, George served as the Education Minister, but he also served as Vice Chancellor at the University of Nairobi from Jan 2005 until January 2015. University of Nairobi from Jan 2005 to Jan.

He also was the surgeon’s professor at the Union and was also the surgical professor at the College of Health Science and also. He was appointed his CS in charge of Education on 27th October 2022 prior to that, he held the role of cabinet secretary for education since March 26th of 2019 following a vetting through the National Assembly. In terms of his education, George the time he received early education at Siaya, Yala while he became a member of at the Starehe Boys Center and Strathmore College to pursue his higher education.

His post-college education was in The University of Lagos in Nigeria where he majored in medicine. He also completed his studies at the teaching hospital at the University where he studied Surgery and Urology. He was appointed a professor of surgery at Lagos University teaching as an intern, and later at the hospital and as a lecturer. He also worked at Nairobi’s University of Nairobi as a lecturer in 1998, as a lecturer. Later in 2000, he was officially registered as a surgeon professor.

In relation to the funeral of George, the funeral is said to be scheduled for his funeral could be held on the 28 of January 2023. in January 2023. and his death announcement came just after the passing of Professor Richard Nyabera Magoha who also passed away in the USA and died in the early morning of 6 6 December 2022. The family was planning a funeral for Richard but now they are organizing a funeral for George too. It could be stated that the family is experiencing the grief of losing their two family members. Richard was the brother who is younger than George and died in the month of October. George remains with his spouse and daughter Michael Magoha.



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