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Who Was James Brennand? Why Was He Fired By SAPD? Reason, Biography, Age, Networth And Details Explored!

Who Was James Brennand? Why Was He Fired By SAPD? Reason, Biography, Age, Networth And Details Explored! After being seen shooting at a teenager, James Brennand, a San Antonio police officer was fired. According to the SAPD James was seen shooting at a teen in a car reported missing. The teen was taken to the hospital after he was shot and was later arrested. After an investigation lasting over a week, James was fired from his post. He will never be allowed to return. The teen also sustained multiple gunshot wounds. We will be looking into the details of the shooting by an SAPD officer, as well as the reasons for the incident. For the most recent updates, please visit Our website

Who Is James Brennand?

Who Is James Brennand?

Officer James, who reported a disturbance at the McDonald’s on Blanco Road near West Avenue, was seen entering the case. James saw a car with its door open at the same place as the one reported missing or stolen when he arrived. James recognized the car immediately and went to see two teenagers seated near it. The two teenagers in the car were Erik Cantu, 17 years old. He was eating at 10:45 on Sunday morning with a girl next. James took, while Cantu ran away and James called for assistance from the team.

Why He Left A Job?

While James was shooting, a bodycam was also present. Cantu tried to flee as soon as he saw James, but it was captured. He drove back, but the door was open. The officer fell to the ground and he ran in a hurry. James, who was injured, got up and shot at multiple times at the car and even hit the teenager. Cantu was injured and suffered several bullet injuries. James called an ambulance, and while waiting for help, he performed CPR on Cantu. The ambulance arrived, and Cantu was taken to the hospital. The girl teen, who was with Cantu, was not injured and was kept safe.

James Brennand: Biography And Networth

After Cantu recovers, he will be convicted of injuring an Officer and also for theft and running away. James, who didn’t respond to the disturbance but instead shot the teenager without any evidence, was removed from his position. It is believed that the prosecution will take place as soon as all evidence has been collected. The officers will wait for the teen’s complete recovery. James was not allowed to clear the bodycam footage. James could face charges or be involved in the investigation.



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