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Who was Ramona Stoia? How Did Ramona Stoia Died, Death Cause Reason Explained!

Who was Ramona Stoia? How Did Ramona Stoia Died, Death Cause Reason Explained! There is the news of the death of Ramona Stoia is coming to the concentration of media as she has been killed by her own boyfriend lately. Her boyfriend killed her and killed himself later. Both were working in GothInk Studio. GothInk Studio is a popular tattoo studio. Ramona Stoia was 35-year-old at the time of her death. The Kent Police Department has expressed that it is one of the most shocking cases they have ever worked on.

Who was Ramona Stoia

The news came to the attention of the people on Monday, 11th April 2022. The police have confirmed that the 35-yar-old girl is the victim in this case and the 54-year-old boyfriend is the prime suspect in this case who earlier killed his girlfriend and later killed himself. Their dead bodies have been recovered by the police and it seems that the police will get to know the reason for this death as soon as it is possible for them. Catalin Micu was also working at the same tattoo store. They must have some issues that yet police have not gotten to know.

Who was Ramona Stoia

This issue surged to such an expectation that Ramona Stoia and they were in a relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend. In this article, we are likely to discuss Ramona Stoia as well as the cause of her passing away so that we may bring all the readers of this article in the swim about this news in brief.

She was a tattoo artist. She was a 35-year-old girl. People are wondering to know about her family and it is not clear police have not described them anything. She was used to living with her boyfriend who homicide her. As far as her personal life is discussed, it is ambiguous as of now.

How Did Ramona Stoia Died

The news of the passing away of Ramona Stoia has come up to the concentration of the people. She has lost her like at the age of 35 years. As a result, people are looking forward to knowing the cause of her passing away. She has been found dead along with her boyfriend. As far as we know about the death of Ramona Stoia, she has been killed by her boyfriend named Catalin Micu. Police are probing this case so that they may get to know the reason that Catalin Micu killed Ramona Stoia. May the soul of both rest in peace.



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