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Who Was Susan Quiram? A 59-Year-Old Woman Susan Quiram Killed In A Fatal Car Crash, Reason Explored!

Who Was Susan Quiram? A 59-Year-Old Woman Susan Quiram Killed In A Fatal Car Crash, Reason Explored! Mapleton, Minnesota: A woman was involved in a fatal car accident. The police are currently investigating the matter. After the shooting, footage showed that the woman was trapped in the car. She was unable to escape despite her best efforts. Many were shocked to learn about the accident and terrified to see the footage of the crash. Many accidents happen in the USA. Police are trying to educate the public to ensure that the accident rate is low. However, in many cases, the drivers and passengers die from rash driving or other fatalities. For the most recent updates, please visit Our website

Who Was Susan Quiram?

Who Was Susan Quiram?

Police also released serval statements earlier in the year when motorists began driving recklessly and aggressively. These statements warned citizens about the dangers of speeding and the ways it can end people’s lives. A 59-year-old woman was killed after being stuck in a car. According to some reports, the woman died from being stuck in the passenger seat. When she died, the woman was driving a utility vehicle. After the death of the woman, locals reported that several officers had gathered in the vicinity.

Susan Quiram Car Crash Victim Video

Susan Marie Quiram, a 59-year-old woman was identified as the victim. Her body was discovered by police under the vehicle. Officers arrived on the scene to report about the woman trapped under the UTV and stuck under it. At the intersection of Blue Earth County Road number 7 and Street 105, the incident took place. Officers arrived at the scene after being informed that a woman was trapped and was not moving or responding. Mapleton police arrived on the scene and helped the woman get out of the car.

Susan Quiram: Funeral And Obituary

According to police reports, Susan was driving her UTV when it suddenly went into deep washout. The entire car spun. The woman was trapped and could not get out. Susan was not wearing her seatbelt at the time. As the UTV rolled, Susan was just thrown from the vehicle and the car then landed on her. She was stuck and could not get out. After the case was filed, lance Leiferman was arrested as the driver of the vehicle. Police are still investigating the case and trying to find out more about alcohol. The accused is currently in custody.



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