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Who Was Valencia Prime? Valencia Prime Last Video Before Death Viral On Social Media, Twitter & Youtube, Details Explored!

Who Was Valencia Prime? Valencia Prime Last Video Before Death Viral On Social Media, Twitter & Youtube, Details Explored! A shocking video is about to come out that has shocked all. We frequently hear of cases where people die without warning and in the latest update to this, there’s footage in which a woman is thrown off in the middle of a scene in the presence of numerous people, and then is declared dead. It was all sudden and no one is able to comprehend what transpired. The video of the death is appearing on the Internet and people are sharing their thoughts on it , and are eager to learn more information about the incident. Read on for more details about the video that has been circulating for death. According to reports, the report states that a Philadelphia drag queen fell on stage during her performance, and then passed away that prompting a flood of love and support for her family. Visit our site for the most recent news.

Who Was Valencia Prime?

Who Was Valencia Prime?

The dancer’s name was Valencia Prime who was 25 when she breathed her last breath. She collapsed on the dance stage on the 12th of September 2022. The victim was identified as transgender and was promoted in the form of “Philadelphia’s Plus Size Dancing Diva.” According to the news report, she was performing her dance show at Tabu nightclub, which is located situated in Center City while she was hosting her own live-streamed, “Prime Time”, when the tragic incident occurred. The victim’s loss of life information is confirmed by the video.

Valencia Prime Before Death Video

However, the venue in an update on Instagram reads “We mourn the loss of an extremely bright and rising superstar in the world of performance and a person who was always positive in her presence. She lives her life to the fullest exactly how she wants to. We bid a farewell to Valencia Prime and we’ll never forget the brightness and joy she brought to the stage.” According to media reports the medical examiner in Philadelphia declared the cause of their death of Prine as cardiac arrest or heart disease. She also determined the cause of her death as natural causes.

Valencia Prime: Biography And Age

A pal of Prime wrote in social media “She was a beautiful shining and radiant star whose generosity and selflessness was felt by every person who has known her and was a part of her. I am overwhelmed after hearing about her passing news and her loss to the gay community of gay people. She was influential to many.” Tabu declared on social media platforms that they will organize a free memorial event in memory of Prime on Monday 19th September 2022, with the Mother of the artist to be present. To aid her family the family, an GoFundMe page has grown to $11,000. May God provide rest for her soul.



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