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Zachary Allen Gaskill Cause Of Death, What Happened To Zachary Allen Gaskill? How Did He Die!

Kirk Blunk, a local architect from Des Moines, was murdered seven years ago. The cause of his death is still unknown. According to reports, Kirk Blunk was found unconscious in front of a building. He died shortly after he was administered medication. This week, the investigation was completed and the suspect has been identified. This case also sees the suspect is sentenced. The victim’s family was certain that the suspect was guilty. Now, after seven years, the verdict has been handed and the family can relax by releasing a respectful statement. We will be covering more details about Kirk’s case. Kirk was a prominent local architect. His case was not solved for many years. The Des Moines police are now investigating.

Zachary Allen Gaskill Cause Of Death, What Happened To Zachary Allen Gaskill? How Did He Die!

Zachary Allen Gaskill Cause Of Death

They also announced that the case was solved and arrested the suspect in this case. According to reports, Zachary Allen Gaskill, 32, is the suspect in the case. He was the one who murdered the architect. According to reports, Zachery was charged with second-degree murder. The investigation started back in 2016, on the 24 th of January 2016. Kirk was 62 at the time. Zachery brutally murdered Kirk. Kirk was found unconscious in the Teachout Building at 500 E. Locust St on the day of the incident. According to the Polk County Medical Examiner, the cause of death was blunt force trauma from falling from a height. Father of Kirk

Mr. Darrel Blinck stated that his son had gone to collect large sums of money shortly before his death and has not returned home since. The CCTV footage shows that many people were near the crime scene and near the house where the victim fled. Police interrogated witnesses and found clues to the suspect throughout all these years. Sgt. Paul Parizek stated that officers had been investigating the case during that time and were following every lead in this investigation. He also stated that officers’ efforts and similar facts have helped to charge the suspect in this case. Gaskill is currently being held in Polk under his guidance

County Jail without the possibility of bail. The judge had previously mentioned that he would pay 6.25 million dollars to the Krik family in 2018. However, he failed to do so and also failed. Gaskill was supported by his family from the beginning. Gaskill was sued by the family for wrongful death. They claimed that Gaskill killed Kirk and therefore Gaskill is the suspect. During investigations, this proved to be true.

Kirk’s family attorney released a statement after the suspect was arrested. He stated that Kirk’s entire family is happy with the process of justice and that they are grateful for the work of the investigators as they pursue justice. Kirk was an architect who lived in Des Moines since the 1980s. He helped to design and build the Wing of the Museum and other high-class structures.



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